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Cheryl Mills' first class defense of Clinton and her detractors game 

by Chido Nwangwu Founder & Publisher

Craig Crawford, Editor-in-chief of Hotline, had the reckless, unethical and irresponsible temerity to distort on MSNBC news around mid-day January 21, 1999 the first-class, dignified defense by White House deputy counsel, Cheryl Mills (yesterday in the U.S Senate Chamber), as nothing more than "full of emotions." Remarkably, some Republican senators came to her to commend her for an excellent job.

Crawford even goes further to assert that the 33 year old Mills, an African American and the White House played the Race Card, the youth card, the gender card and a number of other illogical emissions that the "Hotline" (really, it's HotAIR) editor-in-chief could spout in the name of "analysis." What NONSENSE!

Anyway, isn't the privileged Crawford one of the talking heads, "experts", who pretend to know it all and yet lack the basic sociological knowledge of the other components of the American political economy?  He, one of the tenured class of expert pontificators and masters of spin, who predicted that Clinton and the Democratic part were toast come November 1998?  What a pity.  Only his type and lineage gets rewarded for consistent misanalyses.  Tell me about quota, Mr.  Crawford.  Lies have short legs.  His publication is the inside the DC-Beltway political notepad, an innuendo-ridden medium, inundated with political extrapolations about virtually 98% of what and how non-Black politicians do and think about politics especially in Congress and other zones of influence.  You can imagine my reaction listening to Crawford, a man who plays an institutional race card, every blessed day, with his Hotline publication suggesting that Ms.  Mills played the race.  In his fevered misanalysis, she did simply by showing up at the U.S Senate.  Should this remain a continuing burden which Black folks have to deal with regularly?  Recall that former White House counsel Lanny Davis described as "one of the most intelligent people that I know.  She's extremely smart..." 

It's really painful that when an African American folk excels, even with such outstanding, fact-based and class defense as the affable Ms.  Mills did, it's still derogated by the merchants of rancor and division as an "emotional performance....  race-card" tuh...tuh...  tuh....tuh...  Which raises a vital question: What will satisfy these intellectually dishonest contortionists?  What will assuage their instinct to derogate and and undermine even objective first-rate individuals without regard to race and gender?  They infuse racial motivations and insinuations and say it's the other side.

 What will make them see through the fact their unethical methods dramatize images of them as partisans who merely wallow in the stench and excretions of their hypocrisy?

When will these character assassins stop and be simply be true to their conscience and the God they always claim as their guiding light?  Or should heaven, like fairness to all, wait, too?

Can these ideological warlords and dukes of division, such as Mr.  Crawford and company, allow the higher dignity of their conscience to be ahead of their political and economic jostlings and really hustle, if only for a moment?  Or am I expecting too much from the Crawfords whose viewpoints reflect frozen thought patterns about the Black community?  Am I expecting too much from those who believe virtually every Black folk is in his position because of some bizarre quota system?  Or should we see these historical antagonisms as symptomatic of their instinctive opposition and demeaning of most things and persons emanating from our community, the African American parts of these United States?

Who really has more character -(Within the bedroom, the boardroom and public service)?  The man (Bill Clinton) who has opened more doors of opportunity for ALL Americans OR the moralizing hypocrites, gang of unforgiving extremists and their armies of exclusion who frown at seeing one of our own better/best others in their professional pursuits?  I've witnessed and seen a White House with peoples of all ethnicity and religion and gender; I've seen and interacted with Black folks in a White that previously had more Blacks as gardeners and chefs than chief executives and departmental heads of U.S agencies while most recently while travelling with the President in the course of reporting about his work.  He has made the American society better, Monica Lewinsky or no Monica Lewinsky. 

Ms.  Mills appointment follows as another remarkable example of his stewardship for all, whatever the sociological profiles Mills fit.

At another level, some of those misrepresentation of the quality of Black scholastic achievements and professional excellence are also propagated by such ill-educated, self-hating Negroes as Ward Connerly.  The terribly confused Connerly is the Regent (?) of the University of California, --- a crass reward for adding to the denigration of his fellow Blacks and all the other anti-Affirmative action games he plays in California and elsewhere.

My final point is this: IF the likes of Crawford, a privileged Caucasian editor of an influential Washington DC medium, who oppose DC statehood seriously think and argue (without any shame, moral decorum and fair restraint) that the president's deputy counsel Cheryl Mills' excellent, very logical deconstruction of the the parts of Republican House managers case she chose to tackle is not good enough and (in his words) was full of "emotion", then goodbye to objective assessment and whatever remains of jurisprudential clarity and presentation.  Will I, and should you, again, believe Crawford's writings in the 'Hotline'?  No wonder, it's only the likes of Hustler magazine Larry Flynt who get the attention and expose the full-moon hypocrisy of these right-wing fellows.  It will be no different for the Crawfords of America.  Lest I forget, my folks, Lies have shorts legs!

Chido Nwangwu, recipient of the Journalism Excellence Award, HABJ,1997, serves as the Founder & Publisher of Houston-based, USAfrica The Newspaper, The Black Business Journal newspaper and

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