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Happy 80th Birthday, President NELSON MANDELA! 

The  world's  beacon of courage, statesmanship, and principled life. 

This July 18 (and beyond), USAfrica Media Networks and The  Black Business Journal join the world  in  celebrating Dr. Nelson Mandela's 80 remarkable years of  statesmanship. 

We all  learn from Mandela's  80  outstanding years of principled engagement with life  and its  multifarious challenges. 

We  applaud Mandela's 80 unmatched years of  speaking  his  truth  to  the face  of power and  especially  80  tasking years of  giving his  life in the  struggle  for  equality, justice  and economic  empowerment. 

 We  honor Mandela for 80 distinguished  years of  remaining  an exemplary icon in personal dignity and respect for  all regardless of  their color or stations in life; be they kings or artisans, queens or ordinary  folks, diplomats or rural  farmers. 

President Mandela, physically beholding  your  ennobling presence in CapeTown, South  Africa, during  President  Bill  Clinton's  March 1998 visit  allowed many  of us  only  a modest  measure and  post  of  reality capturing  your humility  and greatness, your  serious, firm  resolve  and the other side of your friendly and humorous  dispositions, all  rolled into one  mythical, complicated but uniquely  amiable personality. 

I  have the  honor, therefore, on behalf  of our  readers, advertisers, staff,  millions of Africans, Americans  and others who  share  in your values and support our  modest efforts  here in Houston,  to  wish  your goodself: HAPPY  80th BIRTHDAY, Mr. President.  May the Mandela lineage,  his incomparable selflessness,  thousands of sacrifices made for a better world, a courageous life and great name shine brilliantly in our  hearts and minds for the next 80  million years! !!! 

by Chido Nwangwu 
Founder  & Publisher  
USAfrica The Newspaper
The Black Business Journal 
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