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How Obasanjo's self-succession charadeat his Ota Farm has turned Nigeria to an 'Animal Farm'


Special to USAfrica The Newspaper, Houston

SUMMARY OF ESSAY: Although, Nigeria's President retired Gen.Olusegun Obasanjo lived and wasactive in Nigeria as a former military ruler himself while Gen. SaniAbacha played his own self-succession charade. I can only hope thatObasanjo was not aware of what went on at the time under late Gen.Abacha over the latter's self-succession plans, otherwise he shouldneither have allowed nor been a part of the 'Obasanjo for 2nd term2003' charade going on in his (Obasanjo's) own Ota Farm. Willnomination to run for elections not be through the normal partymechanism; in this case the ruling PDP? So why the public spectacle,the charade? If he does know how ridiculous all these publiccampaigns have become, then I am concerned about him. Somebody bettercall President Obasanjo aside and tell him about the comparablepolitical succession 'body movements' - almost exactly four years tothe day at Aso Rock - of the late dictator Abacha before he died onJune 8, 1998.

If you have read 'Animal Farm', then you will understand why Ihave chosen that book's title to characterize the ongoing 'ObasanjoSelf-Succession' parade in his Ota Farm. Retired Gen. OlusegunObasanjo and his canvassers'efforts are engaged in what seems a repeat of Abacha's presidential'self-succession' parade of almost exactly four years to the day atAso Rock.

Let me remind all of us about Nigeria's recent history, under thelate dictator Gen. Sani Abacha - from 1995 until his death on June 8,1998, when we had the following groups "earnestly asking" him toself-succeed:

Here are the Groups/Initials, Full Names and their Leaders(where available):

NMPC - National Mobilisation and Persuasion Committee (?),

NMPS - National Movement for Peace and Stability (?)

YEAA - Youths Earnestly Ask for Abacha '98 (Daniel Kanu)

UAN - United Action for Nigeria (Godwin Daboh)

NEC - Northern Elders Committee (Abdulrahman Okene)

GESAM - General Sani Abacha Movement for Unity and Stability ()

GESAM '98 - General Sani Abacha Movement for Peaceful andSuccessful Transition Programme (Chief Yomi Tokoya)

ASOMO - Abacha Solidarity Movement (Alhaji Chief, Dr. AbayomiOwulade),

NACYAN - National Council for Youth Associations of Nigeria(),

March 2 -3 1998: Million-Man-March for Abacha

Now, so far on April 3, 2002, we have recorded the followinggroups for Obasanjo:

Group Initials - Full Name (Leader)

VOA - Vote Obasanjo and Atiku 2003 (Jasper Jumbo)

OACMG - Obasanjo-Atiku Continuity Mandate Group, (E.A. Adeoye)

OASM - Obasanjo-Atiku Success Movement (Hassan Umoru)

ISO - Integrated Supporters for Obasanjo (?)

YAO - Youth Alliance for Obasanjo (Sasanya Gbolahan)

OAPDP - Obasanjo-Atiku Peoples Democratic Projects (CatherineAcholonu)

MONAC - Movement for National Consensus and Accommodation (ArthurNzeribe)

And the following pilgrimages were made to the seat ofNigeria's power, Aso Rock ,and only a few days ago they were hostedat President Obasanjo's own Ota Farm asking Obasanjo to 'Run, OBJ,Run!' to succeed himself in the 2003 presidential elections inNigeria:

June 5, 2001 - YAO (Sasanya Gbolahan)-Aso Rock

Monday, January 21 - PDP Women's Wing (Mrs. Josephine Anenih) -Aso Rock

Sunday, March 24 - South-South Leaders and Governors (Chief TonyAnenih) - Aso Rock

Thursday, March 28th - North Central party faithfuls (ChiefSolomon Lar) - Aso Rock

Monday, April 1 - PDP SouthWest and YCE (Archdeacon Alayande; Rtd.Commodore Olabode George) Ota Farm

Tuesday, April 2 - Senior government ministers and most PDPGovernors (Tony Anenih) - Ota Farm

Although, he lived and was active in Nigeria while Abacha playedhis own self-succession charade, I hope that Nigeria's Presidentretired Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo was not aware of what went on underlate Gen. Abacha over the latter's self-succession plans, otherwisehe would not havea allowed and been a part of the charade going on inObasanjo's own Ota Farm.

Willnomination not be through the normal party mechanism? So why thepublic spectacle, the charade? If he does know how ridiculous allthis public campaign, then I am concerned about him. Somebody bettercall President Obasanjo aside and tell him about the comparablepolitical succession 'body movements' of the late dictator Abachabefore June 8, 1998.
Aluko, is Professor and Chairman  of ChemicalEngineering at Howard University, Washington DC. This updatedversion of Aluko's commentary appears, exclusively, and USAfrica The Newspaper where he hascontributed a number of commentaries on Nigeria. Readersresponses to Aluko's commentary will be published in ourprint and online editions. Linking to this page is permitted butarchiving on any other site or newspaper will not granted. April 3,2002. INSIGHT: IsObasanjo ordained by God to ruleNigeria? And, otherfallacies. By Prof. SolaAdeyeye.Because of a juvenile interpretationof Scriptures, especially the 13th Chapterof Paul's Epistle to the Romans, there are those who constantlyassert that Obasanjo was raised by God to provide the only need ofNigeria-a good government. Such people should be reminded that Godwas alive when Mussolini, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin,Mobutu Sesesoko, Ibrahim Babangida, Sani Abacha and other despotsascended to power. The point here is not that Obasanjo belongs tothis phylum of despots. Rather, one is debunking the fallacy ofascribing all events in history to God. My Evangelical Christianfaith is comfortable with the notion of God's permissive willenabling Obasanjo to become our President. However, Christians knowthat sometimes, the permissive will of God is completely differentfrom His directive will. The 1999 election of retired GeneralObasanjo (in pix, right) as the President of Nigeria was directed notby God but by a survivalist, self-serving cabal of current andretired Generals. CLICKhere to fullcommentary.

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