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U.S., Namibia enter aviation treaty

Nyerere's daughter turns debt cancellation activist
U.S.-trained Zimbabwean economist Callisto
Madavo, named World Bank's vice president for the Africa Region
"Africa's debt is essentially nonpayable and certainly unsustainable" says Zimbabwe's President Mugabe

U.S. Congress affirms Clinton reappointment of Federal Reserve Chairman
Greenspan to 4th term

Forex market remains calm in Zambia

Chase, First Union, Wells Fargo e-billing network 'fortified' for Y2K
Apple Computer's Steve Jobs sets higher goals for 2000 at the San Francisco MacWorld event.
As Internet provides new avenues for free expression in Africa, Freedom Forum panelists discuss new media in Johannesburg.

$350 Million fund for Investments in Africa launched by Washington DC-based OPIC

Black Mayors link programs with Burkina Faso; Mayor Norwood calls it "meaningful exchange" 


Private initiative, free market forces, and more democratization are Keys to prosperity in Africa.

Continental Agenda
African leaders, analysts challenge international community at U.N. conference
Texaco finds 1 billion barrels of recoverable oil off Nigeria's Lagos coast

Control, ownership of Prof. Gates' documentary raise need for 'real' Encyclopedia Africana. By Samuel Lee Burnham
The Economics of Elections in Nigeria
20 Pounds to Igbos, Biafrans; where's the rest? By Ejike Okpa in Dallas

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AIDS overtakes war as top killer in southern Africa.
"It is morally indefensible, it is morally unconscionable, it is repugnant, odious, offensive and ugly that the West is prepared to spend upwards of 40 billion dollars to fight war in the Balkans, and then to engage in the economic restoration of Kosovo, and less than one percent of that to save the lives of tens of millions of children, women and men in Africa," notes UNICEF's deputy executive director Stephen Lewis

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