As Ethiopia's children starve to deathhumanity's shame grows

ThisAP photograph by Brennan Linsley shows a malnourished childscratching his leg and back, pondering an uncertain future and thepainful fact of death through starvation. The frail child is capturedleaning on a tree post for what will soon be a makeshift shelter inDenan, in drought-stricken southeast Ethiopia.

The recent tragedy has caused the world to see new, garish butrealistic images of men digging graves against what eyewitnessesdescribe as "the hardness of the earth and their own physicalweakness." Some of the Ethiopian babies starved to death, died fromrespiratory failure due to acute undernourishment, AIDS and otherpreventable factors. and USAfrica The Newspaper hereby call on theinternational community to act more decisively and swiftly in orderto halt the shameful reality of any of the world's children starvingto their sudden, premature death.

Yet, it is the primary challenge of Africans to fend forthemselves. Where are all the stolen funds gone? In fact, currently,the funds spent on just one trip of most African presidents to aweekend retreat will restore the basic humanity and lives of almost5,000 Ethiopian children. Also, the funds spent for propaganda in andaround Washington D.C. by the Ethiopian government would have changedthe lives of thousands of the dying and the death. But inside Africa,the priorities of some of these "Brother Presidents" are wacky andlargely irrelevant to the existential realities of their citizens.The funds spent by Eritrea and Ethiopians over a conflict neither is,fundamentally, winning really questions the judgement of theirleadership.

These painful, installmental deaths still occur amidst all thewaste of foods and funds in the world; amidst all the opulentconsumption in the developed world, the noxious and institutionalizedcorruption imposed on millions of children (without lobbyists) by theleaders of these countries where women and children collapse and diefrom not having just a grain of rice or a drop of water (clean orgerm-ridden).

So long as the children of the world starve to these cyclical andpainful deaths, to such extent will the label and use of the term"civilization" be an extravagant claim on the tortured consciences ofsome of the world's leaders.

Why, you may ask?

For the human species who, ably, put man on the moon four decadesago and recently built the techno-marvel call the Internet, it'struly a collective failure of mankind that hundreds of thousand ofchildren and women die with flies all over their eyes, noses, mouthsand all other human parts they can invade. These people are too weakto even swat the flies. Will you join to ensure and say "NO" to theinstallmental death of children, Black or White? It's a crying shame,my friends!

Nwangwu, recipient of the Journalism Excellence Award, is the Founder& Publisher of,The Black BusinessJournal, and

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