Hate groups' spin by Republican Lamar Alexanderbenefits anti-Blacks, anti-Semites and anti-immigrants

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On this beautiful afternoon of Sunday August 15, 1999, I played back my tape of Chris Matthews' CNBC HardBall broadcast of Saturday August 14, to enable me get additional context and reading of the Republican aspirants pre-Iowa straw polls statements/positions. While former vice president Dan Quayle was clear and specific in denouncing the hate monger Buford O'Neal Furrow Jr. (and his other possible affiliations/patrons), I was startled by the weasel words from one of the failed Republican party's 1999 presidential aspirants, Lamar Alexander, on the issue of "hate groups" and the shooting at innocent Jewish kids and unfortunate killing of a U.S. postal employee at one of California's community Jewish centers.

Alexander, former Governor of Tennessee (in pix above), when asked by Matthews what a President should do regarding access to and purchase of machine guns, mega-ammo weapons and the like by members of a hate group, looked Americans in the eye from the Iowa voting arena on Saturday August 14 to ask this ridiculous question: "WHAT'S (my emphasis) a member of a Hate group?... That's a hard definition to make." Hard what, Alexander? And, these self-righteous politicians and fatally-flawed zealots believe they're the divinely appointed gatekeepers on earth to heaven?

As someone who shares some conservative values and interests, I will never support Alexander, ex-President George Bush's cabinet official, until he purges himself of his deliberate, animated "ignorance" about not just "Who" but in his choice term "WHAT a member of a hate group" is. We should oppose any candidate, even for a dogcatcher, who claims he does not know that the the dragging death of an African-American in Jasper, Texas, killing and discrimination against many recent African immigrants, bombing of churches, especially Black churches and synagogues, recent assault on the Jewish community center in California, killing of some White folks by others for the simple fact of different ethnicity/racial origins, merchants of death at Columbine and Oklahoma, demonization of Blacks, Asians and other recent immigrants, and numerous other cases amount to hate. Those acts of violence remain raw and fresh in our minds, our communal consciences like garish explosions in a Halloween paint factory- whether they are committed by a Black, White, woman or man, pimp or preacher demanding resolve and moral condemnation rather than some weasel non-answer such as Lamar Alexander's. He was born July 3, 1940 in Nashville, Tennessee, and attended Vanderbilt University where he got a B.A.in 1962; J.D., from New York University in 1965 to become a lawyer.

I'll like to state that if, like Alexander who held so much promise in 1996 in his fight for his party's nomination against Dole and Forbes, any other public or private figure prefers to artfully quibble about "WHAT a member of a hate group" is and such other technical nonsense, they should be actively defined and seen as fanciful facilitators and spin artists for the hate groups. Is it not the king of right wing partisan contortionism Rush Limbaugh who reminds all of his "ditto-heads" (such as Alexander) that "words have meaning." Of course, words have meaning. Accordingly, for me and others who agree with my views, Alexander's August 14 cowardly spin/words which sought to deflect the fact that their exists a pattern and hate group affiliation(s) regarding those terrible acts of violence which I cited above has unwittingly exposed:
1) his shameless lack of true public character on such blatantly anti-Semitic, anti-human crime. And he still has the gall to ask "what"?

2) Alexander's decades old public life as a pawn of the influential Gun lobby/NRA and their kind apparently animated his sleek but ineffective, insensitive spin of an issue of communal public safety.

His almost Olympian chutzpah on this blatantly anti-Semitic crime reminds me of the key thrust of an essay written by Jonathan Bernstein of the Southwest (U.S) region of the Anti-Defamation League.
Bernstein's essay which was also published by two of my media companies: USAfrica The Newspaper,
USAfricaonline.com, and The Black Business Journal restates the key point that anti-Semitism, anti-Black anti-immigrant hate-mongers, hate groups/sects and actions have also polished their tactics. Also see my essay on USAfricaonline.com and The Houston Chronicle (Chron.com) regarding 'Martin Luther King's vision, Jews and Blacks.'

 I believe that the faces and contours of hate and racism do not simply wear tattoos, pierced noses and body parts, rainbow colored hairspray, or the shiny/skin head cold look.

The methodology of hate, and hate groups are varied and seldom come in hoods and brown shirts.

Worse, even where those forces of hate are venal and lethal, they lace their slime ideology (or better, excuse me the usage of hateology), with saccharine and honey. They come sleek, and persuasive, pretentious and sometimes, in three piece suits, seek and win political party and social clubs leadership. Some of them fail, though.

Second, amidst the torrent of their hate, the banality of the lives of these hate mongers and their privileged patrons is that they define life and the world in sub-kindergaten terms and tunnel vision. Interestingly, they do so, giddily, claiming "superiority over all races and people." Poor fellows, those!

Third, hate groups, hate mongers and their sleek, immoral and well-position spin doctors seem painfully foolish to the fact that the constellation of social and moral forces in the world WILL NEVER allow their once-failed supremacist, fascistic, authoritarian ideologies to impose another unchecked terror against all of us, the so-called descendants of a lesser "God." Never

Again means just that!

Fourth, hate is not only across color but it's also within the same ethnic stock groups, gender and multifarious differentiations. I have seen and known the faces of ethnocentric hate. I am among the millions of Igbo survivors of the genocidal 1976-1970 Nigeria-Biafra war. Like most of my folks who suffered hate inside Nigeria as kids, discrimination as teenagers when we score higher grades in essay/admission exams, and deprivations as adults, my resolve has since been to do my little part in educating against hatreds of all kinds. (Igbos are in the south eastern Nigeria, wrongly identified as 'Ibo'/Ibos by colonialist Euro-Caucasian chroniclers, Reuters, sometimes by the AP, and other agencies). Hence, when I was honored in 1997 by the Washington D.C-based National Immigration Forum for utilizing my media companies, especially USAfricaonline.com, to fight authoritarianism and dictatorships and for journalistic freedoms inside Africa, and other forms of bigotry here in the U.S, I was thankful to Americans for recognizing our modest effort.

Accordingly, I will be failing my conscience and communal duty if we overlooked Lamar Alexander's non-answer cover for hate mongers and hate groups with his "What is a member of a hate group" twist. While you do your part, is it too much to ask "WHAT is Lamar Alexander?"

The answer, my folks, is probably blowing in the wind....

-Nwangwu, Founder & Publisher of the Houston-based USAfricaonline.com, USAfrica The Newspaper, The Black Business Journal, BBJonline.com, and NigeriaCentral.com, is the recipient of the Journalism Excellence Award, HABJ 1997. He is writing a book on the experiences of recent African immigrants in the U.S. He also covered U.S President Bill Clinton's visit to parts of Africa, March-April, 1998.
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