Bush's position on Africa is"ill-advised."The position stated byRepublican presidential aspirant and Governor of Texas, George Bushwhere hesaid that "Africa will not be an area of priority" in his presidencyhas been questioned by USAfricaonline.comPublisher Chido Nwangwu. Headded that Bush's "pre-election position was neither validated by theeconomic exchanges nor geo-strategic interests of our twocontinents."

Theseviews were stated during an interview CNN's anchor Bernard Shaw andsenior analyst Jeff Greenfield had with Mr. Nwangwu on SaturdayNovember 18, 2000 during a special edition of 'Inside Politics2000.'
Nwangwu,adviser to the Mayor of Houston (the 4th largest city in the U.S.,and immigrant home to thousands of Africans) argued further that "theissues of the heritage interests of 35 million African-Americans inAfrica, the volume and value of oil business between between the U.Sand Nigeria and the horrendous AIDS crisis in Africa do not lend anybasis for Governor Bush's ill-advisedposition which removesAfrica from fair consideration" were he to be elected president.
By Alverna Johnson

PowellasSecretary of State brings definable knowledge, gravitas and starpower to Bush presidency