Why is Phil Maherspreading racist nonsense about HIV/AIDS onABC?

Phil Maher, host of ABC/Disney late night Politically Incorrect took his irreverent show to a new, idiotic low June 23, 1999. The handsomely-challenged and vertically-challenged Maher rehashed the hogwash that AIDS started from an African who "had sex with a monkey!"

Maher need not look too far around him (and possibly in the mirror) for who the real perverts are, the conveyor belts of sexual perversion.

I know that many the likes of Maher,
Keith Richburg, Jeff Goldberg and such other fellows who know present and ascribe, largely, negative values, ancient, outdated and out-of-context anthropological perspectives of a multi-faced and changing continent. They smear my heritage, our shared heritage and thrive on sensationalism, and other assorted stereotypes to advance some preconceived , noxious notions and agenda. It's entirely unfortunate but it's the reality we face, everyday. It is more disappointing that they will throw the sensitive issue of AIDS into their mediocre and monotrack perspective about Africa and Africans.

Thankfully, though, among the panelists on Maher's show, African-American singer Chaka Khan reasonably dismissed Maher's blatant foolishness and unscientific view. The Mahers of this world had their view debunked in 1995 and 1996 by USAfrica The Newspaper's Canada-based contributing editor, Dr. Dele Ogunremi, and a host of other scientific materials in the world.

Also, on the Maher show was that hypocritical, moralizing Clinton-hater
Susan Carpenter McMillan. She sat through the debate/moral issue. May be, I'm expecting too much of Maher, the champion of brothels on any corner in the world and his loony troop.

Some Responses:
I couldn't agree with you more, Mr. Nwangwu. I occasionally watch Bill Maher's show but try not to because I tend to get too angry at the ignorance that this little frustrated man loves to display. He seems to love controversial racial issues but "cowards" when he faces an intelligent African-American on his show. On the subject of AIDS, we all know that Africa has invented many things, but beastiality isn't one of them.
Lloyd Gauthier <lloyd_gauthier@rocketmail.com>

Phil Maher has been politically incorrect all his life. I think he was a product of Simian cross-breeding. Most of what he says is not factual but intended to inflame and attempt to be funny.... emphasis on the word ATTEMPT. I realize that he hurts millions and millions of people with these inflamatory and incorrect assumptions. The only thing to do is either let his words pass slowly into the night or make him aware of the truth with a front page slam on his poor information and send a copy to the ABC/Disney network.
Dr. Keith
host HealthTalk America

Maher is a major dispenser of conventional and wrong wisdom. If you're smart, you'll tape his show, so you can flash through the dull monologue, as I do. He is terribly self-righteous about his ignorant views. The man simply mustn't read much. Maybe he gets his information off- GASP!- television!
Mike Rice <mrice@centuryinter.net>

Bill Maher has, again, blown an opportunity to make a positive difference with his show which he has turned it into a circus. He owes Africans an apology. As an American, I'm ashamed of his stereotypes. His views and ridiculous statements are no longer worthy of drawing any laughter. His anti-Jesus/anti-Christian comments are offensive to many of us. Thank you Mr. Nwangwu for exposing his shameless ignorance.
Caroline Thompson
College Park, Georgia

I thought ABC/Disney is a family-oriented channel? I live in a country that believes in this cock and bull and I am presently seated as a member of an advisory board doing what? Damage management? This is the western type of world we live in.
Orevaoghene Charles Obaro <impexma@online.no>

You must understand and settle one thing in your mind once and for all: these people are unrepentant Racists. They try to fool themselves by inviting a Black person into their shows, yet they constantly bash our African heritage. They hope, sometimes correctly, that some African-Americans will not be offended by their anti-African comments; afterall tsome African-Americans believe they are "lucky" not to be part of the 'jungle' that is Africa. I am glad Chaka Khan did not fall for it.
Kunle Ayodele
Phoenix, Arizona.

Bill Maher's views sounds like it is the worst kind of racist propaganda to grace the airwaves.
Iheoma Obibi <ATrust2814@aol.com>, Alliances for Africa

Chido Nwangwu had written and asked 'Why is Phil Maher spreading racist nonsense about HIV/AIDS on ABC? My answer: Because he both reflects and is part of the cycle of perpetuation of a deep-seated racist element in U.S. popular culture. It is a very telling example of how the perpetuation of such cultural racism links up to the functionality of ignorance for a lot of White Americans.

However, I think your insinuations about Maher's sexuality are entirely misplaced. If you were to look at the history of racist depictions of AIDS in the U.S., you would often find them mouthed by right-wingers who in the same breath condemn homosexuality as perverted, immoral, sinful and so on. For example, Senator Jesse Helms. Blame gays, blame Haitians, blame Africans. In both the case of racism and of homophobia, the move both scapegoats a minority (in the U.S.) population subject to longstanding cultural marginalization, and provides the scapegoater with a false sense of security that the problem doesn't involve him or her.

Unfortunately I think that your homophobic (?) imputations about Maher have a similar distracting effect. I don't think anyone has an answer to the AIDS/HIV crisis in Africa, but if anything is clear about it, it is that bashing homosexuals or homosexuality has nothing to do with the solution.

So by all means, let's condemn Maher's racism and the U.S. cultural strain it reflects and perpetuates. But as for HIV/AIDS, let's keep our eyes on the prize and not be diverted into trading meaningless insults about so-called perversion.
Chris Lowe <clowe@igc.org>

I am particularly offended by Chris Lowe's unwarranted reference to the so-called "homophobic imputation" because your publisher tackled, specifically, Bill Maher's irresponsible slander of Africans. How could Lowe drag in such a baseless diversion to the core issue: how Maher maligned Africans and the intelligence of other Americans.
Suzzette Williamson,
Los Angeles

Right on brother Chido. The more I hear such ignorance out of so-called educated people, the more I am determined that until many of us go home to help make our continent competive and self sufficient, we are going to continue to be subjected to the insults of the Mahers' of America.Some day, we will have reason to have him and his type (at least) pretend to be "politically correct."
Fred Nwankwo

Yes, Sir! You are expecting too much of people from whom you should expect nothing serious.
CeeO NADECO-ABROAD <nadeco@interlog.com>

It is unfortunate that Africa is perceived as the continent where all sorts do come from. For years, such has been their negative attitude towards the mother continent. I also recall, however that a U.K newspaper reported that AIDS was a laboratory experiment. These propagandists should be advised to look elsewhere for the cause of AIDS. In the first instance, they came to our continent, steal our money, steal our land, steal our culture, steal our heritage and what do they give in return, disease, hunger, poverty, ruins, war...
Olawole Oladele <africaservice@africaservice.com>

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