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Kenya's immiseration should be last ofAfrica's genocidal states

By Professor HerbertEkwe-Ekwe
Special to,USAfrica The Newspaper, Houston; IgboEventsblog and CLASSmagazine

Today, far into the first month of 2008, the great nations of theGikuyu and Luo of east Africa have been bludgeonedinto that dreadful circle of murder and immiseration, which signpoststhe seemingly inexorable march of the African genocide state.Yesterday, the Dafuri were whipped into that circle by the ruthlesspunch of the Arab regime in Khartoum and its Janjaweed subalterns.The previous day, it was the harrowing turn of the Tutsi, some Hutu,Kongo, Mongo and Luba and Muonjang, Azande, Nuer, Bari, Ndebele… All these African constituent nations have become solemnlycodified in the eerie grouping of slaughter that maps Africa's(European) post-conquest sociopolitical landscape.

As everybody knows,this tragic story that emblematises contemporary Africa's age ofpestilence began catastrophically with the organised mass murder ofthe Igbo of west Africa by the Nigerian state and its myriadinstitutions &endash; military, police, academia, press,religio-cultural. The years were 1966-1970. A total of 3.1 millionIgbo people were slaughtered. But the dress rehearsals of thisgenocide had in fact been staged twice in the previous two decades:1945 and 1953. In both occasions, the Hausa-Fulani perpetrators,viscerally opposed to the liberation of Nigeria led predominantly bythe Igbo, carried out their murderous attacks on the Igbo domiciledin north Nigeria. Igbo property worth hundreds of thousands ofdollars were looted or destroyed during these pogroms.

Both episodes were carried out with impunity under the close watchof the British occupation regime, which regarded and still regardsthe perpetrators as its strategic ally in this southeast region ofwest Africa. To underscore this disposition, Britain would emerge asa central operative in the planning and execution of the Igbogenocide right from its outset in 1966 to its concluding phases in1969/1970. James Harold Wilson, the British premier at the time, wasadamant that he "would accept" the death of "a half a million" Igbo"if that was what it took" the Nigerian genocidists to accomplishtheir ghastly mission. Such was the grotesquely expressed diminutionof African life made by a supposedly leading politician of the worldof the 1960s &endash; barely 20 years after the deplorableperpetration of the Jewish genocide. As the final tally of its murderof the Igbo demonstrates, Nigeria probably had the perversesatisfaction of having performed far in excess of Wilson's grimtarget …


 Alas, James Harold Wilson had apparently set the tone andbenchmark against which African life would be "valued" in Africaitself (particularly by the continent's genocidist troopers,"theorists" &endash; for example, the infamous Awolowoists andneo-Awolowoists &endash; and allied officials) and across the worldin the wake of the Igbo genocide: dispensability.

Forty years on, 12 million more Africans would be slaughtered inthe ever-expanding killing fields of the continent. Not to theEuropean World, though, does the Wilson malevolent logic apply. Onthe contrary. For the European World, following the Jewish genocideof the 1930s/1940s, the purposeful resolve struck for the futurecourse of societal direction and progress, rightly so, was ozoemena&endash; "never again". Never again, European World leaders affirmed,would any people of European descent anywhere and at anytime on earthbe murdered so malefically and callously for any reason(s)whatsoever.

In 1992, I published a satirical essay entitled "IsBosnia-Herzogovina in Africa?" in which I meditated on the ongoingrobust intervention by the leaders of the European World of the age(Bush, Major, Mitterrand, Kohl) to halt the gestating multiprongedgenocide in the then Yugoslavia. For days, I was overwhelmed by thislaudable intervention to uphold a key fundamental right of humanbeings &endash; the right to life. The irony of this move was ofcourse not lost on anyone.

Since 1966 some political leaderships of the same European Worldhave in complicity with their African clients on the ground waged orabetted campaigns of genocide against African peoples. Pertinently,the unfolding genocide in the Balkans that had elicited thisintervention was very similar to what the Igbo and some otherAfricans had been subjected to during the course of the previous 30years. I couldn't stop imagining what effect a similar interventionwould have had on Biafra, the Congos, Liberia and elsewhere in Africa… If the peoples in Bosnia-Herzegovina were indeed Africans, Iwondered, would there have been this high-powered intervention tostop genocide?

In the spirit of ozoemena, the Europeans successfully blocked thesimmering genocide in the Balkans. Again, in the spirit of ozoemena,the Europeans worked assiduously to break up the immanently fracturedstates in the region (Yugoslavia, Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia) whichthey knew could not guarantee the rights and aspirations ofconstituent nations and peoples &endash; a recipe for theperpetration of genocide. Since then, in the spirit of ozoemena, atleast 35 new sovereign states, including recently declared Kosovo,have emerged in Europe. This is a figure that is more than one-halfof the total number of so-called sovereign states in Africa, thelatter's much larger size and population notwithstanding.

On this score, is it not ironical that in the same week inFebruary 2008 that US President Bush ecstatically recognised Kosovarights to exercise their sovereign rights to declare themselvesindependent from Serbia, US Secretary of State Rice was busypressurising Africans in Kenya to forego their own sovereign rights&endash; demonstrated, in this case, by electing a government oftheir choice in December 2007.  So, as far as the European Worldis concerned, in the spirit of ozoemena, European nations or peoples,in contrast to Africans, are deemed superior to the state: the formeris enduring, the latter is transient.

That the state is inferior to its peoples, irrespective of race,continent, region, religion/ belief system, is irrefutable. As aresult, and graciously for that matter, Premier John Major ofBritain, back in 1992,  did not utter some obscenity during theperiod, à la his predecessor 25 years before, of willing to"accept" the death of  "one half million" Serb or Albanian orCroat to keep Yugoslavia "intact"; neither did Major dabble into somenonsense of the "inviolability" or "indivisibility" of the Yugoslavstate, an artificial assemblage concocted at the same time in 1918 asthe equally inchoate Czechoslovakia and Soviet Union. Pointedly,these two oft-repeated vulgarities just quoted were a favourite ofJames Harold Wilson's on Nigeria in the 1960s as well as by Nigeriangenocidists whose state, cobbled together by Britain in 1914, alsoshares the same non-organic kinship as the central/east Europeanexamples.

In 1990, I published The Biafra War, Nigeria and the Aftermath, astudy of the Igbo genocide. In the concluding pages of the book, inthe spirit of ozoemena, I wrote: "Either in peace or war, theexistence of the European post-colonial state is inimical to theinterests of African peoples. It is a state that cannot provide thefundamental needs of Africans … The African humanity ispresently gripped in a grave crisis for survival. It is now time thatit abandoned the contrived post-colonial state in order to survive… African nations, [namely] Igbo, Wolof, Yoruba, Asante,Baganda, Bakongo, Bambara, etc., etc … remain the basis for theregeneration of Africa's development … [and] the sitesof the continent's intellectual and other cultural creativity …What is being stressed here is that African peoples, themselves, mustdecide on the … issue of sovereignty … even if the outcomewere to lead to 1000 states … For the future survival of theAfrican humanity, let no more Africans have to die for the defenceof, or for upholding the territorial frontier of any post-colonialstate. No precious life should be wasted for its preservation."

Eighteen years later, these words remain crucially pivotal infocusing our minds on the very survival of Africans. The wellbeing ofAfrican peoples has indeed worsened since. Africa's genocide stateshave expanded catastrophically. No region of the continent is sparedpresently. The daily toll on African lives is appalling. Africa'sgenocide states, which go by the names Nigeria, the Sudan, theCongos, Burundi, whatever, murder Africans as a matter of course;this is their ontological mission. If the European progenitors ofthese states find them in anyway "useful", they are welcome totransport the knots and bolts of these states' structures andprocesses back home &endash; and institutionalise them for thebenefit of Europeans. Africans, who have lived through the terror ofthese states, must abandon them at once to survive and advancetowards the construction of higher levels of civilisation. They haveno other choice. Each and every constituent African nation can buildthis civilisation outside the existing genocide state. Let Africa'sconstituent nations and peoples unleash a dazzling contest ofcreativity and progress, akin to what the world has seen in Asia inthe past 40 years; not mass murder, pillage and nihilism. Now is thetime. The Igbo were studiously on course to construct theTaiwan/China/South Korea/India of Africa, out of the extant Nigeriagenocide state, but for the genocide of 1966-1970. The Igbo willsurely resume this march soon as no force can block the human questfor freedom. 

Today, the murderous thrust of the African genocide state istragically focused on the Luo and Gikuyu. But let Kenya be the verylast state in which any African peoples are murdered with impunity.Africans must now insist that no more of their peoples should ever besubjected to this sentence of murder. Ozoemena.
Ekwe-Ekwe's book, Biafra Revisited (African Renaissance), wasreleased on August 15, 2006. Heis a contributing editor of USAfricaonline.comand has written several books and essays on Africa and Nigeria. He isalso the author of Beyond the "failed state":Reconstituting Africa, published in 2004. He wrote in May 2001,an exclusive commentary for titled 'Obasanjoobsession with Biafra versus facts of history', and and IgboEventsexclusive insight "Genocideand why Nigeria does not deserve UN Security Councilseat."

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