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"Africans in U.S. are losing our kids to American culture", says Mrs. D.C Ejindu














"It was simply a choice between Biafra and enslavement!"
Excerpts from the USAfricaonline.com and NigeriaCentral.com exclusive interview with the leader of the former republic of Biafra (1967-1970)

Biafra-Nigeria war and history to get fresh, critical look from a survivor
 'Biafra: History Without Mercy' - a preliminary note"
Additional exclusive reports are being prepared for posting on USAfricaonline.com


Amadou Diallo killing: A trial of two cities and struggle for justice. By Jack E. White, columnist TIME magazine
Should Africa debates begin and end at The New York Times and The Washington Post?
Africa suffers the scourge of the virus Kgomotso Mahlangu, a five-month-old AIDS patient in a hospital in the Kalafong township near Pretoria, South Africa, captures the more painful profile of the catastrophic and sweeping impact of the virus in the continent. USAfricaonline special report is titled AIDS, Africa and Kgomotso.

Virgins and Dung.
By Joe Shea in Hollywood, California

The best show in town: Art vs Politics.
By Dr. Rufus G.W. Sanders

Will Obasanjo put Lagos under state of emergency?
Chuba Okadigbo, Nigeria's Senate president, tells USAfricaonline and NigeriaCentral.com "my priority is the interest of all Nigerians