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Nigeria's police, soldiers vandalize Okigwe town in futile search for MASSOB leader

Why International community should note the old military dictator in Obasanjo is abusing human rights of Igbos, others in Nigeria. By Egbebelu Ugobelu

Africa's Looming Tragedy: an appeal for preventive action in Nigeria
Is Obasanjo ordained by God to rule Nigeria? Prof. Sola Adeyeye raises the issue and provides some thought-provoking answers.
Commission should ask Obasanjo, Danjuma some questions, too. By Ambrose Ehirim
Abacha's henchman al-Mustapha sings briefly about "Abubakar-Diya Coup" plot, the killing of Abiola, NADECO and other issues
Major al-Mustapha's Bombshell: M.K.O Abiola was murdered by "
powers that be"
Was Lanre Shittu sold out by Obasanjo's government to U.S. law enforcement agencies? By Jonathan Elendu
Is Obasanjo running a
military-commando type 'democracy' in Nigeria? By Ejike Okpa II
Systematic Violation of Igbo rights continuing in Nigeria. By Kevin Ani, contributing editor of and coordinator of the Civil Rights League (Nigeria).
Did Robin cook Mugabe's goose on Zimbabwe land showdown? By Kachi Okezie, correspondent in London.
spin doctors and a "young democracy." By Tarty Teh, in Washington D.C.
Sharia-related killings and carnage in Kaduna reenact deadly prologue to Nigeria-Biafra war of 1967.
Is Obasanjo really up to Nigeria's challenge and crises? By Ken Kemnagum Okorie. Commentary appears from

Dealing with flooding disaster in Mozambique
and other parts of Southern Africa
. By Philip Wijmans, in Mozambique
Battle for Elian reveals double standards regarding persons of African descent.
By Dr. Rufus G.W. Sanders
I disagree with Sanders' views on Elian.
By Seibert Murphy
The writing's on the wall,

Control, ownership of Prof. Gates' documentary raise need for 'real' Encyclopedia Africana. By Samuel Lee Burnham

African, African-American Scholars clash over Prof. Gates' PBS series on Africa. USAfrica special report
Gates' report stirs important dialogue about Africans and our relations with ourselves and others. By Seibert L. Murphy
No More
Handguns. By Dr. Rufus G.W. Sanders
Democracy, intellectuals and the march to the new millennium. By Ignatius Dikas
On a one way trip to the Deads' Town: Tribute To Amos Tutuola. By Sola Adeyemi, contributing editor of USAfrica The Newspaper at the University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg), in South Africa has been listed among the world's leading web sites by the international newspaper, USAToday.

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Johnnie Cochran will soon learn that defending Abacha's loot is not as simple as his O.J Simpson's case. By Chido Nwangwu

Blacks need not Apply even with non-Whites. By Los Angeles-based executive editor Dr. Earl Ofari Hutchinson

As Ethiopia's children starve to death humanity's shame grows. By Chido Nwangwu
To the memory of a Good Man, our Brother Ben Randle.
Why is 4-year old Onyedika carrying a placard against killings in Nigeria? By Chido Nwangwu
Who Will Humanize Diallo?
By Dr. Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Los Angeles-based executive editor of
Testimony details hail of bullets, pause in shooting
A trial of two cities and struggle for
By Jack E. White, columnist TIME magazine

Trends and Facts of the Islamization of Nigeria.
Confederate Flag is a symbol of division. By Dr. Rufus G. W Sanders
Black History Month, Jews and Martin Luther King's legacy. By Chido Nwangwu

Virgins and Dung.
By Joe Shea in Hollywood, California

The best show in town: Art vs Politics.
By Dr. Rufus G.W. Sanders

Index of Viewpoints and Commentaries by USAfricaonline contributors and columnists

Millennial Listmess. By Prof. Walt Brasch, contributing editor

Anchoring Miss America. By Prof. Walt Brasch
Gigolos on the Campaign Trail. By Prof. Walt Brasch
The More you Look, the Less you see

Federalism and
Ethnic Relations in Nigeria. By Dr. Ibiyinka Solarin, contributing editor
Jack E. White of Time magazine versus David Horowitz's anti-First Amendment and right-wing zealotry
Biafra-Nigeria war and history to get fresh, critical look from a survivor
 'Biafra: History Without Mercy' - a preliminary note
Should Africa debates begin and end at The New York Times and The Washington Post?
100 scholars, researchers of African history, politics and media respond to The New York Times
Kosovars and African refugees: Different strokes for different folks. By Joe Davidson

Africa suffers the scourge of the virus Kgomotso Mahlangu, a five-month-old AIDS patient in a hospital in the Kalafong township near Pretoria, South Africa, captures the more painful profile of the catastrophic and sweeping impact of the virus in the continent. USAfricaonline special report is titled AIDS, Africa and Kgomotso.

The bloody stain of military coup, on Friday December 24, 1999, sullied the once unique history of democratic rule in the beautiful and historically democratic, French-speaking west African country of Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) by General Robert Guei. USAfricaonline report takes a critical look at the recent turn of events in the country, and its implications for Africa.

Jesse Helms, Monica Lewinsky and Senate Record. By Helen Thomas