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Bush's position onAfricais "ill-advised."The position stated byRepublican presidential aspirant and Governor of Texas, George Bushwhere hesaid that "Africa will not be an area of priority" in his presidencyhas been questioned by USAfricaonline.comPublisher Chido Nwangwu. Headded that Bush's "pre-election position was neither validated by theeconomic exchanges nor geo-strategic interests of our twocontinents."

These views were stated duringan interview CNN's anchor Bernard Shaw and senior analyst JeffGreenfield had with Mr. Nwangwu on Saturday November 18, 2000 duringa special edition of 'Inside Politics 2000.'
Nwangwu,adviser to the Mayor of Houston (the 4th largest city in the U.S.,and immigrant home to thousands of Africans) argued further that "theissues of the heritage interests of 35 million African-Americans inAfrica, the volume and value of oil business between between the U.Sand Nigeria and the horrendous AIDS crisis in Africa do not lend anybasis for Governor Bush's ill-advisedposition which removesAfrica from fair consideration" were he to be elected president.
By Alverna Johnson

Africanperspective to U.S. elections On CNN
We were getting ready for a Saturday evening outing onNovember 18, 2000 when ChidoNwangwu appeared live on CNN. He made all of us, Africans,walk with our heads high and proud. It was a first-class performanceand very insightful views on the U.S. elections. We cannot thank himadequately. May God bless you and guide you as you serve Africans andAmericans. One day, we'll tell you, as my Igbo friends say,nnoo....
John Shanu, Founding member, Nigerian Foundation, Houston

I saw your interview with Bernard Shaw today November 18, 2000.Finally, I have listened to a Nigerian on tv of whom I was proud tobe associated. You were right on the issues, articulate in yourpresentation, and magnetic on the camera. Great job. I wish and hopethat all Nigerians, no matter what they are engaged in here in theUS, will strive to be the best. Good job.
Dr. Imeine A. Ukhun, Founder, Agape House Worldwide Ministries,Paris, Texas

Thank you making Africa's case on CNN. We were very happy when wesaw Publisher Chido Nwangwu on CNN here inJohannesburg articulating with a professional poise and qualityargument where Africa's and U.S interests meet. Your pointers forpresident-elect Bush are very importnat and his advisers should takenote.
Pius Thembu, member of the AfricanNational Congress, ANC

It is not an easy feat to hold your won and excel in an interviewon CNN amidst the confusion and sidelining of Africa during the lastelections. By making a coherent, logical and substantial andintellectually sound analysis about U.S. and Africa interests forPresident-elect George W. Bush to pay attention to, Chido made allfair-minded Africans and Americans better informed and proud.

As an African-American married to an African man, his views andcolumns have made me understand our heritage a lot better.
Cecilia Archibong, Georgia Tech., Atlanta, Georgia

It's a little before 3.00 am here in Lagos, Nigeria, and I havejust finished watching the CNN's special report/interview with Mr.Wolffe of Financial Times (London) and USAfrica's Chido Nwangwu onthe unending Florida election saga.

Mr. Nwangwu aptly captured the concerns and frustrations of manyAfricans over what is going on in the U.S. presidentialelections.

If the ultimate result of the election is not in favour of whoeverthe people have chosen on their ballot papers, if justice issacrificed on the altar of legal technicalities, then democracy willbe badly served.

The implications of this for fledgling democracies throughout theworld, especially here in Africa, are just too frightening tocontemplate. Using your own words in reference to the complicationsin Florida, "If gold could rust, what would iron do?" The image ofthe U.S as the bastion of democracy (supremacy of the will of thepeople) in today's world, has been seriously dented by events ofthese few days. It needs quickly use the same events to reclaim itspreeminent position and its moral right to chastise those dictatorsin the world who use veneers of democracy to impose themselves ontheir people.

On a lighter note, whoever said the the millennium bug hadbeen fixed for good? Someone check those election computersthoroughly. They might have been trying to have a last laugh onus!
Ugochukwu A. Okoroafor, Afribank Nigeria Plc, Lagos,

Based on his record and distinctions, you've always set theprofessional pace in the African-American and African community andgenerally in the business of journalism. It must be noted, you'vedone those with very, very limited resources.

When I saw him, live, during the special CNN 'Inside Politics'interview Bernard Shaw and Jeff Greenfield had with him, atprime-time on November 18, I extend these views in order to reaffirmmy confidence and prayers for your continued success as the keyartculator of our community's and continent's interests. Keep itup!
Dr. Alonzo Ugboaja, Alonzo Travels, Houston, Texas. Former memberof the board of the Nigerian Foundation.

Was the CNN appearance recorded? If it was, I will like to get acopy.
J.O.S. Okeke., M.D. FRCS., Former chairman, World IgboCongress

I visit and regularly from Ghana;and I saw the CNN interview. No questions about it; Chido Nwangwu hasmoved journalism in our community to another level. You usually closesome of your columns and write a wish for other distinguished personslike Nelson Mandela, Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Steve Jobs, BobLanier and Phillip Emeagwali with the words "may your lineageendure." I truly wish you the same. You make us really proud andrespectable. It's not easy!
G. Kwesi Armah, Accra, Ghana

Yes; I watched and it was a class act by this great son of myfathers. I was in the hotel attending my association's annualconvention at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, when my attention wascalled by a colleague of mine. Chido made my day with his poise anddepth of his knowledge of the issue under discussion. Did you noticeBernard Shaw was grinning with approval any time Mazi Nwangwu gavehis reply? And, what did his African attire tell us of this man? Thatwas another beautiful message. Yes, I begin to believe that we have atrue ambassador for Africa in this son of the Igbo nation, and indeedthe Africa continent. More Chido Nwangwu on CNN, please!
Paul "Akeedy" Ezeji

I'll simply note that Chido makes us proud. Congratulations!
Nnaerika Okonkwo, Dallas, Texas.

It's a monumental event, needless to say. It's not exactly everyday that one of ours appears on CNN,even if by the sheer happenstanceof being one of the nondescript passers-by on a street where news iscast, much less being a guest on a show empanelled by such worldclass media heavyweights as Bernard Shaw and Jeff Greenfield.Bravofor crossing the bridge.

Your performance was good. Keep it up.
Okafor, Okwu, ALNTK

To say that I was impressed when I saw your ever cherubic face oninternational television on Saturday November 18, 2000, hammeringaway with the folks at CNN, Bernard Shaw and Jeff Greenfield is anunderstatement. I watched that interview with many Nigerians in faraway New Jersey.

I cannot begin to tell you how proud we were of you. The othersignificant remark about your interview on CNN, among the rest in ourgathering, was when one of the Jajas from Opobo observed that ChidoNwangwu never cared to change your name to make it sound anglicized... you know how our people behave when they get to the top. Hewanted me to personally convey this message to you and I am not goingto withhold it from you, not to talk of CNN.

Another, an African-American lady noticed to her "surprise" thatyou are one of a few Nigerians who did not go by the title, "Chief,""Dr.," "Sir," etc. She remarked it did not stop you from showing andpresenting "the first-class quality of insight on the U.S electionsand overall professional disposition." Her views rest on the fact welive in the U.S., a country where their leader&endash;&endash; themost powerful for that matter in the world&endash;&endash; goes bythe simple and unflattering prefix of "Mr. Clinton."

I have always held you in the highest esteem so I was notsurprised by the level of intellectual insight you brought to thatinterview. You know in this day and age when America with theirelection brouhaha, particularly in Florida seem to have swept Africaunder the rug, it is only refreshing to have a man with theencyclopedic brain like yours stand in for us. You clearly put Africaback on the map regarding the issues in the U.S. elections.

By the way I am still chilling your Moet champagne. You deserve atoast to a well and commendable interview on CNN.
Mclord Obioha, Editor-in-Chief, The Nigerian & Africanmagazine, Bronx, New York

Your views and the dignity of your appearance on CNN with BernardShaw and Jeff Greenfield make us to state that you are our Iroko treein the American forest. Chido, you're our hero, the mouth that speaksfor all of us, the African community here in the U.S. You make all usproud and we're glad you're our very own. Good luck and God's speedin all your endeavors.
Mr & Mrs. Michael Orji.

Abiola's killers should facethe law

Major al-Mustapha bombshell: Majoral-Mustapha's Bombshell: M.K.O Abiola was murderedby "powersthat be" whichappeared on and on the front page of USAfrica TheNewspaper, (October 31, 2000, Vol. 7 #15) is another example of howlawlessness has destroyed our country. The perpetrators hould beprosecuted without delay.
Funmilayo Johnson, Los Angeles, California

Nigeria, especially its president Obasanjo should lead the chargeagainst those who killed his kinsman, Abiola. That is the minimum hecan do for the interest of fairness and democracy in Nigeria.
Hyginus Nwankwo, Los Angeles, California

If Obasanjo chickens out, it will be a travesty and a betrayal ofthe mandate our pary (the PDP) gave him to lead without fear orfavor.
Adetunde Sobowale, member, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Lagos,Nigeria

USAfricaonline.comFounder and Publisher Chido Nwangwu places Powell within thetrajectory of history and into his unfolding clout and relevance inan essay titled 'Why Colin Powell brings gravitas, credibility andstar power to Bush presidency.'

Beyond U.S.electoral shenanigans, rewards and dynamics of a democratic republicholdlessonsfor Africanpolitics. By Chido Nwangwu.

USAfricaonline.comhas been listedamong the world's leading web sites by the international newspaper,USAToday.