Media and the Millennial Listmess. By Prof. Walt Brasch, contributing editor

Media and Politics: Dead Air at the Convention. By Prof. Walt Brasch
Liberia, spin doctors and a "young democracy." By Tarty Teh, in Washington D.C.
Jack E. White of Time magazine versus David Horowitz's anti-First Amendment and right-wing zealotry
Should Africa debates begin and end at The New York Times and The Washington Post?
By Chido Nwangwu
Media, Human rights, and Sudan

Why is Bill Maher spreading racist nonsense about HIV/AIDS and Africa on ABC?
How the
media can destroy or strengthen higher education in the U.S. By Dr. Keith Orlando Hilton

Attorney Okorie hosts 'Legal Forum'

Prof. Leon Dash awarded Swanlund Chair at University of Illinois
Leon Dash, professor of journalism in the Department of Journalism, has been awarded a Swanlund Chair. According to Ronald E. Yates, professor of Journalism and head, Department of Journalism at the University of Illinois, it is the first ever awarded to a member of the faculty within the College of Communications and the Department of Journalism. See
International Reporting
At 40, Nigerians still face dishonest media stereotypes such as William Buckley's, and other self-inflicted wounds.
"Guns don't kill Black people, other Blacks do." By Chris Lowe

Hate groups' spin by Lamar Alexander benefits anti-Blacks, anti-Semites, and racists
 'Biafra: History Without Mercy' - a preliminary note
100 scholars, researchers of African history, politics and media
respond to The New York Times

Control, ownership of Prof. Gates' documentary raise need for 'real' Encyclopedia Africana. By Samuel Lee Burnham

African, African-American Scholars clash over Prof. Gates' PBS series on Africa. USAfrica special report
Gates' report stirs important dialogue about Africans and our relations with ourselves and others. By Seibert L. Murphy

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