Nigeria's key military leaders playing a game of draughts in the 1970s. This historic picture is an all too apt pictorial irony and metaphor for the complicated and intertwined layers of power and friendships in the country of over 100 million governed by a couple of friends who disagree over "power moves" and sometimes, rarely, on principles.

Regardless, draw your own conclusions and share it with
USAfricaonline and This picture, acquired by a Nigerian, Laolu Akande, captures the wisdom that a picture speaks a thousand words. Here, it does more than speak; it yells a million messages.... L-R: late military dictator/ruler Gen. Sani Abacha (1993-1998); military ruler (1976-79 ruler and current president of Nigeria, retired Gen Olusegun Obasanjo; center is retired Gen. Theophilus Y. Danjuma Nigeria's former Army Chief under Obasanjo's first rulership, and now Obasanjo's Defence minister; engaging Obasanjo in the draughts showdown is the retired head of state 1985-1993, Gen. Ibrahim B. Babangida (IBB).

Lest we forget, deems it necssary to remind Nigeriand and its watchers that IBB was (and is still) known as 'Maradonna' of Nigeria's milito-politics. Many are wondering what IBB's next moves will be. And, how will his former boss President Obasanjo with the watchful and supporting eyes of Danjuma contend with or handle any Maradonic maneuvres.The answer, my friends, is simply blowing in the wind. Yet, the remarkable twist to Nigeria, as is evident in this picture remains: The More you look, the Less you see....
Chido Nwangwu