Sanders' views regarding Gun issueare misplaced

by Sally O'Leary

Regarding the USAfrica The Newspaper Insight column 'No More Handguns!' by Dr. Rufus G.W. Sanders in USAfrica The Newspaper of June 16, 1999 and, I believe that if Dr. Sanders really cared about the gun problem, he would be bold and daring to encourage his Democratic Party friends in the large cities to enforce the laws in the books. It seems nothing is done to criminals who illegally use guns until they kill someone, or many (may be one isn't enough to make the local news).

I was once on a Grand jury duty and noticed that it was hard to find the murders in the newspaper if they were done in poor neighborhoods. Not surprising, not news not friends of the reporters.

It isn't Republicans going around shooting and robbing people; it is usually the non-political scum with long records of violent behavior and not much is done.

I think the problem is trial lawyers and people like Sanders who want to take guns away from the non-criminal and just let the dangerous criminals have free rein. They are not going to give their guns up or their knives or their automobiles or whatever. I think it is sad that the wealthy liberal people who can afford to live in safe neighborhoods are the ones pushing for gun bans. They can always hire an armed guard. I know many people who own guns and I am not afraid of any of them-they are not the ones committing crimes. But they are the ones Mrs. Sanders seems to be scared of. I disagree with Dr. Sanders because we will see more violence in this country when no one is ever blamed for bad behavior (or put in jail for a long time) for violent crime).
Ms. O'Leary's views also appeared on page A6, August 25, 1999 edition of USAfrica The Newspaper

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