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Thesultry and smoking voice of Nigerian-born international singer SadeAdu, simply known as Sade, will rock the world, again, beginning thisNovember 2000.Epic Records Group, Apple computer and Vibe Online haveannounced that international recording artist Sade's forthcoming newstudio album "Lovers Rock" will premiere on the Internet exclusivelyin Apple's QuickTime streaming media format four days before thealbum arrives in stores on November 14.

Rock"is an eleven-track album written, arranged and co-produced by Sadewith Mike Pela, with whom Sade has worked on her previous albums.Five of Sade's prior albums placed in the Top Five on Billboard's Popand R&B charts, and her albums have sold more than 25 millioncopies in the U.S. and more than 50 million worldwide.

The online Sade Listening Party is accessible via, and The album is Sade's firstnew studio album in nearly eight years and includes her currentsingle, "By Your Side."

"Apple's QuickTime is simply the world's best format for streaminghigh quality audio and video over the Internet," said PhilipSchiller, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing."We're ecstatic QuickTime was chosen as the format to premiere Sade'snew album before it hits the stores."

The online Sade Listening Party is accessible via, and The album is Sade's firstnew studio album in nearly eight years and includes her currentsingle, "By Your Side."    Apple's QuickTime streamingtechnology, coupled with the reach and presence of Vibe, will makethis an event to remember," said Polly Anthony, President, EpicRecords Group.To access the premiere of "Lovers Rock" in its entiretyat the online Sade Listening Party, Internet users simply need todownload the QuickTime player, which is available to Macintosh andWindows users for free at
By Chido Nwangwu with agency and corporate reports

Beyond U.S. electoral shenanigans, rewards and dynamics of a democratic republic hold lessons for African politics.

Assembly threatens impeachment agaisnt Obasanjo for bribery scandal, other factors. Nigeria's national assembly is said to be planning an impeachment motion due to "Obasanjo's excesses, anti-democratic methods, and a 41 million Naira bribery scandal." The latter is reported by the Post Express newspaper in Lagos to have divided Obasanjo's cabinet.
Meanwhile, Yoruba Forum blasts Obasanjo as puppet of "Hausa-Fulani sponsors" for arresting OPC's leader, others. Obasanjo is Yoruba. He did not win significant number of votes across Yorubaland, including his local precinct in Ogun State but secured heavy support in North, South and Eastern sections of Nigeria.
Ivorian opposition leader, Prof. Laurent Gbagbo (left), sworn in as president of Cote d'Ivoire, as dictator Gen. Guei flees from
'people power....'

As Chinua Achebe turned 70, Africa's preeeminent statesman Nelson Mandela, Toni Morrison, Wole Soyinka, Ali Mazrui, Leon Botstein (president of Bard College), Ojo Maduekwe, Emmanuel Obiechina, Ngugi wa Thinong'o, Micere Mugo, Michael Thelwell, Niyi Osundare, and an army of some of the world's leading writers and arts scholars joined to pay tribute to him at Bard College in New York. (Achebe is in pix with Morrison). Meanwhile, the Nobel committee has, again, chosen a relatively less known (globally-speaking) Chinese novelist, Gao Xingjian, rather than Achebe for the Literature prize. Achebe was seen as a top favorite for the 2000 award. What the Swedish Nobel committee will not give, Achebe has, for well over 30 years, won in the hearts of millions in 53 languages. By Chido Nwangwu

Since 1958, Achebe's "Things Fall Apart" set a standard of artistic excellence, and more. By Douglas Killam
How far, how deep will Nigeria's human rights commission go? By Chido Nwangwu
Nigeria's Human Rights Commission; more of the same? By Francis Nnamdi Elekwachi