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It is with utmost urgency that Enyimba wishes to bring to your attention,

the incremental but gradual Islamization of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

by the predominantly Muslim ruling class in Nigeria. According to a study on

Nigeria by the U.S. Library of Congress for the Department of the Army, 47% of

Nigerians is reportedly of the Muslim faith; 35% reportedly of the Christian

faith; and 18% practice traditional religion. A majority of Nigerians 53%,

are thus non-Muslim.


The Nigerian government, buffered by the Muslim dominated military

establishment, has for long been dominated by the Northern Nigerian Muslims.

At independence from Britain in 1960, Nigeria was established as a secular

state. Nigeria unequivocally is a multi-nation state, with multi-ethnic, and

three main religious groups.


It is, however, sad to note that prominent Northern Nigerian Muslims have

over the years been stripping the country of its secular status, and are

gradually forcing Islamic laws on the rest of the country. Why is it that

the majority non-Muslims of Nigeria seem powerless to stop the Islamization

process, one may ask? The answer is simple: the military machinery is behind

the Muslim North, hence the emasculated non-Muslim majority is afraid to


The followings are examples of the unilateral acts by the Muslim-dominated Nigerian

governments towards the gradual Islamization of


( 1) In 1986, the then government of General Ibrahim Babangida unilaterally

signed up Nigeria as a member of the Organization of Islamic Conference ( OIC

), ignoring the sensitivities and objections of the 53% non-Muslim

Nigerians. This eventually led to the unceremonious removal of Commodore

Ebitu Ukiwe, one of the few Christians from Southern Nigeria in the then

ruling military council, because he publicly exposed this unilateral

decision by the predominantly Northern Muslim military council.


( 2 ) Under the leadership of the Abacha's military regime, the Nigerian

government adopted a policy of not allowing females dressed in pants of any

sort to enter Nigerian federal government buildings. Such manner of dressing

is supposed to be un-Islamic. Any female who dared to disobey this policy was

subject to being flogged, with ox-hide, taunted and called humiliating names.

The people enforcing this policy were members of the armed forces and the

police. In the Federal Capital, Abuja, toilet facilities for women are set up

to mimic the style used in predominantly Muslim countries. Non-Muslim women

who are forced to use these facilities complain that they have to squat down

to floor level to ease themselves, a posture that is not accommodating of

pregnant women. What will it be next? One wonders if a compulsory wearing of

the veil will soon be forced on all Nigerian women.


( 3 ) On Friday, May 9, 1997, Moammar El Ghadaffi of Libya visited Northern

Nigeria to lead prayers and to inaugurate a mosque: the Kofar Kata Jumat

mosque in Kano. During his one- and- half hour address to Northern Nigerian

Muslim congregation in the mosque, he called on the Muslims to " rise up,

fight and crush all anti-Islamic movements as the great leaders of Islam

did". He also urged that " anybody who went against Islam religion should be

ruthlessly dealt with." Colonel Ghadaffi's visit was sanctioned by the

Abacha government, which bestowed on him the highest honor the Nigerian

government can bestow on anyone: The Grand commander of the Federal Republic

of Nigeria.


( 4 ) On June 15, 1997, the Nigerian industry minister in the Abacha military

government, a Northern Muslim, representing the Muslim controlled government,

joined the presidents of Iran, Turkey, and Indonesia, and the prime ministers

of Malaysia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Bangladesh in Istanbul, Turkey, in signing

a declaration establishing what they described as " the Eight Developing

Islamic Nations" or "D8" for short.


Article 5 of the declaration, according to the reputable news

magazine, THE WEEK of May 26, 1997, states " members agreed that an

appropriate mechanism should be established to liaise with other relevant

organizations particularly the OIC". OIC you will recall is the abbreviation

for the organization of Islamic conference.


And of recent, under the so called Democratically-elected government in

Nigeria, some states in the Northern part of the country like Zamfara, and

Niger have unilaterally instituted sharia laws in their respective states in

total violation of and contempt for the Nigerian current constitution. As if

this was not enough, a group of these self motivated Muslims in the North as

reported in the News paper, Vanguard dated Feb. 14, 2000 convened what they

called " a national seminar on sharia' and issued a pronouncement calling for

the institution of sharia all over Nigeria. The groups reasoning for taking

this position was motivated by describing sharia as " the fundamental right

of Muslims". This group should better explain to everyone why the fundamental

rights of the Muslim minority in Nigeria should supercede the fundamental

rights of the non-Muslim majority in Nigeria.


The above listed facts are verifiable instances of trends showing how the

Muslin-dominated governments of Nigeria have over the years unilaterally

promulgated and implemented laws and edicts calculated at Islamizing the

Nigerian state, without regard for the fundamental rights of the 53% of

Nigerians who are non-Muslims. Enyimba fears that the institution of Muslim Sharia

law for the whole country is not too far off, and should not be

allowed to happen. A disaster of unimaginable proportions would be unleashed

on the non-Muslim Nigerian majority should people sit idly by and allow the

designs of some of the selfish Muslims in Nigeria to take hold. If sharia is

imposed all over Nigeria, the Igbo nation and the Eastern part of Nigeria

will unequivocally go its own way.

The reason Enyimba is bringing this particular issue to

everyone's attention is to alert non Muslin Nigerians and peace loving people

of the world, of what is going on in Nigeria, and to bring to the fore front

the potentially explosive nature of these acts by the Muslim-dominated

governments of Nigeria. The Muslim world, represented by Ghadaffi and his

allies in Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, etc. are ready to assist their

counterparts in Nigeria, to carry on their Jihad against Christians and

non-Muslims should their design of gradual Islamization of the country

attains its apex.


Enyimba hopes and prays that peace loving Christians, Jews, Gentiles,

and Muslims will not sit by and watch the non-Muslims in Nigerian get

slaughtered, and those who would survive the BIafra holocaust subjugated to

demeaning and dehumanizing conditions, as is the case in Southern Sudan. Help

Enyimba says NO to the grand designs of Islamization of Nigeria.

Thank you for your attention and expected action on this potentially explosive condition

brewing in Nigeria.

Signed: M. O Ene, Ph.D ( Chairman ) and D. Ozokwelu, Ph.D ( Secretary-General)
February 20, 2000.

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