Kosovars and African refugees: Different strokes for different folks. By Joe Davidson

Why I'll Vote For King As Person of the Century.
By Dr. Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Nigeria at 39: A Telephone
Conversation by Rudolf Okonkwo in Boston

The Dawning of New Expectations. By Prof. Chris Ulasi
Senate Bill S.666 vs. HOPE for Africa: Bad news or Good news for Africa? By Eric Brownstein
Is Supreme Court Justice Rehnquist fair to all? By Rufus G.W. Sanders
How fair to all Liberians is the ULAA elections? By Patrick N. Tuon
Don't Let
'White Supremacists' Win. By Dena Marks
No More
Handguns! By Dr. Rufus G.W. Sanders
'Guns don't kill
Black people, other Blacks do' -a rejoinder.
By Chris Lowe
Sanders looking at wrong place regarding Gun issue.
Sally O'Leary

Even the late dictator General Sani Abacha deemed it fair to appoint an Igbo into Nigeria's security council; why not President Obasanjo?
By Uzor Maxim Uzoatu in Lagos

20 Pounds to Igbos, Biafrans; where's the rest? By Ejike Okpa in Dallas

African leaders, analysts challenge international community at U.N. conference
Yoruba Omo Oduduwa says they will not be distracted by certain Yorubas in the Houston community

ODUMEGWU EMEKA OJUKWU: "It was simply a choice between Biafra and enslavement! And, here's why we chose Biafra"

Biafra-Nigeria war and history to get fresh, critical look from a survivor
 'Biafra: History Without Mercy' - a preliminary note

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